A QUICK NOTE: THANK YOU for the "workshop" - I was blown away by the DEPTH of your questions and your willingness to listen. It was incredibly rewarding for me to talk with you about my experiences and I only hope that you were able to draw a little inspiration from one or a few of the things I said. Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint. Savor the good moments and the not so good ones because they're all fleeting. Take care of yourself - even if that means a pint of Ben & Jerry's or ordering Dominos at 2AM. (in NYC use Seamless or check out Postmates)

You can only control the things you can control so focus your energy on DOING and MAKING and CREATING - not the shit that's out of your hands. Your talents are totally your own and you are all incredibly unique. What makes you different from everybody else?! WHO ARE YOU when you're being your AUTHENTIC SELF. Use that as a tool to empower you and propel your towards your goals. SET GOALS. Strive for something and work backwards. "What do I want? How do I get there?" Start from the very beginning and be willing to fail. Don't focus on the victory focus on the journey. ( < link to a really dope article)

The only difference between 'doing it' and 'not doing it' is the 'not' - so just fucking do it and stop saying you will. Actions speak way louder than words. Use each other, use google, use me, USE WHAT YOU GOT TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. You can do it - I promise you - JUST DO IT.

I am so so proud of each and every one of you and I cannot wait to see what you DO.

Below are links to some of the things and people I talked about today and some things I did not. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, ideas - I am here for you. Feel free to shoot me a Facebook message or an email at matthewseanrodin@gmail.com. Let's make shit happen.

BUSINESS CONTENT: Gary Vaynerchuck - I really love watching Gary and applying the business principals he talks about to what I do. You might see a similarity in his energy to mine - he's a big inspiration for me. Someone who built 2 HUGE businesses and is passionate about giving back - giving his followers value - CREATING DEPTH. I'll make a playlist of some of my favorite episodes and link that here (later.)

VIDEO CONTENT: You KNOW I'm all about this shit. Links coming soon (internet sucks on the train.)

SOCIAL CONTENT: Annoying Actor Friend, Jeff Heimbrock, Alex Wyse, Lesli Margherita - are you witty AF? Get on it then. Start developing your voice. LIVE TWEET when there's stuff going on - people will start to pay attention.